No Library for YOU!!!

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I’m going to be the first “No Library” for you, EX-presidents. Lets blame in on the Obama sequester. The library’s for ex-presidents are fictional pat on the back BS. Now if the library’s were actually filled with the truth about these ex-presidents I might ok them- if these presidents put up the dollars to build them.

They must be named The Truth and nothing but the Truth-presidential library’s.

Here are some examples for the Presidential Truth Library’s.
The BJ Billy Clinton Library;
A huge cigar hangs over the entrance and upon entering all woman are given a Black Beret to wear during the visit. A special room will be available for any woman to rent a Blue Dress and have it machine stained and autographed by Billy Clinton.

There must be a replica Oral Office adjacent to the Oval Office. For a 100.00 contribution to the Benghazi Hillary for president 2016, you lucky Gals or Guys can engage in a simulated Billy Clinton- Monica Lewinsky, 5 minute phone sex feel good conversation. For another 5 dollars you can purchase a replica of the infamous Billy Clinton *Erect- Finger* he always points at “We the People”, when he is lying to us. A recording of I never had sex with that Woman will be playing in the cigar room 24 hrs. a day.

all entrance fees should be given to Rape Victims- call it the Juanita Broderick– He did have forced sex– with me.

Presidential Library’s- truth be told or end this Fell Good Baloney.

Should I continue my truth be told, Presidential library Briefs?? Barrack Hussein Library next…..


Obamacare new hospital rules and mandates.

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All female nurses must have a degree from the Nurse Ratchet school of nursing.

Transgender nurse- you get male and female pay-rate.

Male nurses must have a degree from the NAMBLA school of Physical Penetration studies.

Meds; and mandatory hospital examinations

No pain pills for Conservatives or any straight man or woman, you deserve to suffer.  Birth control pills for infant girls.

A colonoscopy inserted daily- given by a MALE- gay nurse of your choice{Obama did promise CHOICE.

Last rights only given by Islamic terrorist Imam.

Jews can only receive  a blood transfusion if the blood came from Apes and Pigs.

Anal cavity exams performed by NAMBLA members using a newly perfected CIGAR SHAPED probe.

Xcessive flatulence-farting-Room change immediately.  You will be put in a anti-global warming air-tight-Gore HUMIDOR.  Your farts will never kill again.

Gay services department;

Free-operations for some surgery’s.

Add a Dick to me- or Take a Dick from me.

These procedures will be…

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Ferguson Fury and Terrorism—

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So every one is lying, except the biggest liar of all. The racist- anti-Semite Al- Tawana- Sharpton ‘TAX- CHEAT”. What the prosecutor told the nation last night was the evidence given him from jurors.

Michael Brown stole from the store pushed around the Korean owner ”Racist Act???. Brown stole a box of dope smoking cigars and I suppose he smoked some Dope and decided to disobey a police mans orders. That cop was beaten by who?? Many Blacks on the jury said under oath swore that Michael Brown was the aggressor “eye witness” testimony.

I know the truth hurts. But only Terrorist kill people because you disagree with them.

This latest show of terrorist acts against innocent people is a lesson to be learned and exposed- Liberal Compassion- will not be tolerated if you have the nerve to expose its racist one- sided agenda. Liberal Compassion is designed to control the inner-city black population by welfare dollars raining down on those folks. Politicians get elected over and over simply by bribing desperate people with government bribes. proof of this evil scam? Research a program passed by Democrats in 1964. The Great Society Program,Was to end poverty as we knew it- aimed at the inner-city people. Result- 50 years later these people are worse off and who or what gets the blame- Racism- Whites are racist and they want to keep you in poverty.

The pathetic race hustlers- you know them- have made themselves wealthy by keeping people under their grip with Welfare Checks. I watch quiz shows I love watching people interact off the cuff. I watch The Family Feud it has families fro all over America compete against each other, my point- There is always a Black Family on each night- each family is interviewed by Steve Harvey- he asked the what do you do for a living- The Black families spout their jobs- Doctors- Lawyers -Business owners-Teachers and so- on. Black families in Racist America are living the American Dream. So Sharpton and your evil ilk of racist rats crawl into your welfare holes and free the people in the inner cites.