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Are we all really Racist??? Chrissy Matthews!!!

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2012 at 8:03 pm

If you don’t vote for Barry Jr. you are told loudly and angrily that you are a swine-hunt Racist. Well today I came across another potential racist.  An elderly woman stated she will not vote for President Cheech Obama Jr.  This woman and I along with millions of Americans are not going to vote for Cheech Obama and we do not support his AG,Chong also a man of color.

President Cheech Jr. was elected in a blow-out in 2008, he got more votes than slick Willy perfecto Clinton.  Now 4 years later and millions of white folks who enthusiastically voted for a black man have decided not to vote for him again are now full-blown Racist or realist.  I think realist is the commonsense answer- no?.

But back to the mystery woman who is fed-up with King Obama.  Her name is*Auntie Zeituni Onyango,  Yes Obama’s auntie from Kenya said she can no longer support his flopped presidency.  Auntie Z.said Obama is acting more like a dictator than a President of the free-wold.

Will auntie Zeituni be labeled a racist-will auntie Zeituni be whisked up and deported- or will Auntie be given a billion dollar green energy HUSH up,auntie loan.

Liberals-Progressives-Socialist- and to those of you who read Pravda or watch the Al Sharpton show on MSNBC-Is auntie a racist-inquiring Conservative minds need to know.