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Presidential Library’s- only if the Truth is told!!!!!!

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No Library for YOU!!!   I am the Library Nazi.

Another presidential library opening its very expensive doors today. Our country is bankrupt-Muslim terrorist have infiltrated our government and do what they are taught to do by Allah, that is kill and blow the arms and legs off of 9 year old boys and girls. “non-believers’.

Presidential library’s, should tell the truth and nothing but the truth.  The American people help pay for these houses of worship to a politician and the real truth about that politician  president must be told.  This is the way I think these houses of praise should be laid out.

I will use the Billy Clinton truth be told library model first.

The Clinton Library—-if truth be told- would look and sound like this.

Entrance–A huge CIGAR hanging overhead.

Dress code; All Woman must wear a Black Beret when they enter the Billy Clinton cigar humidor room.  Age appropriate, of course.

Attractions;  A visit to the Oval Office and free admission to the Clinton-Lewinsky Oral office located adjacent to the Oval Office. Blue dress for woman recommended and DNA stain free a must.

or a small fee you can actually use the phone Clinton used to have phone sex with Monica- bring an anti-germ spray.

Clinton souvenir’s;

The Erect white pointing finger Billy always pointed at “We the “People” when he was lying to us.

A bobble-head doll of Chris Matthews with that thing tingling down his leg.

For 10.00 woman or men can lay down on a green grass rug in a replica pick-up truck used by President Clinton- can you imagine Benghazi Hillary laying on that green rug???

Visit the Charlie Tree, Clinton money tree of bribes.

Visit the phone center where you can hear Bill Clinton refuse to kill Osama Bin laden twice.

I think the tour guide for Clinton Library- must be a person we can find some association to BILLY’S LIFE STORY.

My pick is non-other than Andy Dick. Pick for Hillary guide is–Rosie O’Donnell.

If you like my library’s of only the truths- let me know. My next subject will be;;;;;

Barrack Barry Hussein Soetero Obama Jr. Presidency.  Genoa-Salami A lakum,. let me know.


No Library for YOU, I’m the Library Nazi.

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Janet Napolitano’s Major Admission: Saudi Student Was Put on Watchlist | Video | TheBlaze.com

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Janet Napolitano’s Major Admission: Saudi Student Was Put on Watchlist | Video | TheBlaze.com

via Janet Napolitano’s Major Admission: Saudi Student Was Put on Watchlist | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. Formerly known as Barry Soetero Jr. has some SPLANIN to do- and his usual approach of lying will not work this time. The ass-kissing Progressive Libtard apparatchiks in Journalism cannot ignore or cover the ass of Hussein Obama Jr. on this story. Janet nappy Palentano has lied under oath, I know for good old -Boy- Janet, that’s very common, but this time she is lying to cover-up the slaughter of Americans at the hands of Muslim terrorist- little kids had legs blown off. Benghazi Barry and Benghazi Hillary two other contempt’-able liars– will face the music soon.

WAKE-UP-AMERICA- the enemy has opened the gate…

Americnans are now the *New Deniers*

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Adolph Hitler a German Terrorist murdered millions of men woman and children in full site for the world to see. Political leaders and presidents of many nations saw no evil- heard no evil- and did nothing to stop the evil. We see the same thing happening now. Innocent people are being slaughtered everyday-every where in the world. Little kids are blown-up in school buses- men are beheaded because they are JEWS-woman are stoned to death-little children who are watching a race in Boston have their little legs blown off- their mom is dead blown apart with nails and ball bearings that ripped into her skin.

Today in America Americans are being slaughtered by Islamic Muslim Terrorist. Today in America our President Hussein Obama Jr. is a “Denier of the truth. Is it any surprise that a President who has called the murder of 13 soldiers shot to death by a Islamic Muslim terrorist-yelling Allah Akbar, Hussein Obama said this is not Jihad terrorism- no, Hussein Obama Jr. said its Work place violence.

How bad is the Denier syndrome become in America;
Hillary Clinton a true hero of cover-up and lying about the Islamic Muslim killings of Americans in Benghazi. This pathetic incompetent woman actually said “What difference does it make now”, when she was asked how did these Americans die and never got any help from you or Hussein Obama Jr. Do you think the denier Hillary would have said that if it were Chelsea Clinton that was left to be killed?.

Boston Marathon Jihad- This is the new norm for America. Islamic Muslim terrorist kill-injure innocent people of all ages in the name of Allah the Islamic God-but our president cannot say it was done by Islamic Muslim Jihadist, but, Hussein the progressive denier and good friend of Bill Ayers-Ayers the infamous American hating terrorist has no problem labeling Tea Party patriots as extremist racist-haters. Tea Party folk simply rally and demonstrate to celebrate the greatness of America and to keep the American Dream alive.

Hussein Obama Jr. is a Denier of the American Dream, to Hussein Obama Jr. America is evil, America has stolen everything it has from other countries. And Hussein Obama Jr. has told the American People the he will fundamentally change America. Question, from what to what???- Well, unfortunately 50% of the American people are in total denial of who Hussein Obama really is. A former leader of ACORN a Marxist Communist Organization of street thugs- street thugs that Hussein Obama Jr. was a leader of.

Where do we non-deniers go now. What will it take for Americans to come out of the Hussein Obama Jr. trance of “Denial’.

Islam is at war with America, refusal to admit that especially after the latest Islamic Muslim killings at the Boston Marathon is going to allow more killings in America- one day these Muslim terrorist may kill or blow your kids legs off.

Message to the 50% of the Deniers of Muslim Terrorism in America. The Jihadist Barbarians are no longer at the gate , these killers have opened the gates-these are not good people with good intentions- these people are the Boston Marathon-9/11 Islamic terrorist professional terrorist.

Wake -Up==AMERICA—We Americans beat Hitler-the terrorist- we Americans can beat Allah the Terrorist. When 100% of Americans realize that Islam is a religion of hate and death not only to Those Jews but also to Americans who refuse to praise Allah, then and only then do we have a chance to save our country and save our kids from one day being blown-up in a school bus by Lunatic Islamic Muslims–WAKE-UP…. How much more evidence do you need to admit the truth about Islam and its true intent??–Your kids legs gone….