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Progressive “””Turn- Coats”” in America-The enemy within!!!

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How much damage to the American way of life has to occur before Americans wake-up to the enemies within our government.  We all know who the agents of progressive tyranny are, you know them, the supporters of open borders-aka-amnesty for all illegal invaders  in America.

John McCain-Lindsly Grahm-Chuck-u Schumer-Pitiful Pelosi-Hand held Weiner-Barack the Bungler-Pinocchio ,Benghazi Hillary-rotten-Clinton.  In good conscience how can anyone who cares about America support a bill that would reward criminal behaviour  and criminals to become citizens with all government benefits- our $$$$-given to people who have no right to it.

The sentiment that drives these politicians to surrender America to invaders is purely a wan-tn desire to get re-elected- keep their power to rule the middle class peasants and assure themselves years more of Collective Tyranny against those who have the nerve to stand-up to them.   The Tea Party Patriots, for example are being denied their rights under our Constitution by Traitor Barry Jr. a proven  congenital liar.

Fair Share Obama Jr. wants to steal the dollars of the working class Americans and give it away to illegal immigrants-Obama and the Democrats do this for votes and power-Progressive Republicans do it for two reasons-cheap labor-for corporations and these weenies actually believe that by passing this anti America-amnesty bill, somehow the Hispanic folk will drop to their knees and praise the Republican Party and rush to vote for those DOLTS.

Obama is a fraud-ACORN Barry Jr. is a front for Marxist- leftist radicals.  There should no-longer be any doubt to the true-evil-traitorous agenda of ACORN BARRY HUSSEIN OBAMA Jr. Create a dependent class who have to rely on Obamaville hand-outs to survive.

And the Moron Progressive Republi-cowards are like sheep headed to their slaughter.