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Obamacare new hospital rules and mandates.

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All female nurses must have a degree from the Nurse Ratchet school of nursing.

Transgender nurse- you get male and female pay-rate.

Male nurses must have a degree from the NAMBLA school of Physical Penetration studies.

Meds; and mandatory hospital examinations

No pain pills for Conservatives or any straight man or woman, you deserve to suffer.  Birth control pills for infant girls.

A colonoscopy inserted daily- given by a MALE- gay nurse of your choice{Obama did promise CHOICE.

Last rights only given by Islamic terrorist Imam.

Jews can only receive  a blood transfusion if the blood came from Apes and Pigs.

Anal cavity exams performed by NAMBLA members using a newly perfected CIGAR SHAPED probe.

Xcessive flatulence-farting-Room change immediately.  You will be put in a anti-global warming air-tight-Gore HUMIDOR.  Your farts will never kill again.

Gay services department;

Free-operations for some surgery’s.

Add a Dick to me- or Take a Dick from me.

These procedures will be done at the Chaz Bono transplant auditorium.

Abortion two’fer special;

Pay for one-Get second free.

If you already have two children- your third will be taken and put in a death panel wing. This is where the Obama baby tax comes into play. If you are selfish enough to want to bring another child into the world- you will face an Obama-baby-care TAX.  Refuse to kill your child- your tax will be 500,000 dollars.

Remember, Mr. nice guy, Barack Hussein Obungler Jr. is the man???- who twice cast the final vote that allowed babies that survived their attempted murders by Planned -UN- Parenthood-  be put in a room and allowed to die a horrible death.

If you are a Christian or a Jew- your doctor will only come from a pool of Muslim Brotherhood surgeons.


Hussein u akbar Obama, ready to send weapons to Egypt-to aid the wonderful-caring-Muslim Brotherhood-Rebels.

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An article from the web site;; Canada Free Press, by Doug Hagmann gives an insight into the humans??? Obama is ready to help.  In the article it tells the story of an innocent, crying and distraught 4 year old girl chained to a fence by anti-Assad Islamic terrorist-the very group the Obama regime is funding. Perhaps you’ve seen it. She was chained to the fence and forced to watch the decapitation and dismemberment of her parents, whose crime was being  members of the Shia sect.

Obama is destroying our economy by killing our national currency, thus disabling us domestically. This is being done not only to stop any meaningful opposition to a global system of governance through our financial enslavement, but to insure that our future tht are future generations  are beholden to a global financial power as well.

Concurrently and as part of the larger picture, we have allowed the moral fabric of our nation to become ripped by last week’s Supreme Courts decisions on homosexual unions.  The agenda-To further destroy this country from within.

Obama is the Executive- Order, Imam president.  This man must be stopped..