Obamacare new hospital rules and mandates.

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2013 at 7:57 pm

All female nurses must have a degree from the Nurse Ratchet school of nursing.

Transgender nurse- you get male and female pay-rate.

Male nurses must have a degree from the NAMBLA school of Physical Penetration studies.

Meds; and mandatory hospital examinations

No pain pills for Conservatives or any straight man or woman, you deserve to suffer.  Birth control pills for infant girls.

A colonoscopy inserted daily- given by a MALE- gay nurse of your choice{Obama did promise CHOICE.

Last rights only given by Islamic terrorist Imam.

Jews can only receive  a blood transfusion if the blood came from Apes and Pigs.

Anal cavity exams performed by NAMBLA members using a newly perfected CIGAR SHAPED probe.

Xcessive flatulence-farting-Room change immediately.  You will be put in a anti-global warming air-tight-Gore HUMIDOR.  Your farts will never kill again.

Gay services department;

Free-operations for some surgery’s.

Add a Dick to me- or Take a Dick from me.

These procedures will be done at the Chaz Bono transplant auditorium.

Abortion two’fer special;

Pay for one-Get second free.

If you already have two children- your third will be taken and put in a death panel wing. This is where the Obama baby tax comes into play. If you are selfish enough to want to bring another child into the world- you will face an Obama-baby-care TAX.  Refuse to kill your child- your tax will be 500,000 dollars.

Remember, Mr. nice guy, Barack Hussein Obungler Jr. is the man???- who twice cast the final vote that allowed babies that survived their attempted murders by Planned -UN- Parenthood-  be put in a room and allowed to die a horrible death.

If you are a Christian or a Jew- your doctor will only come from a pool of Muslim Brotherhood surgeons.


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