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No Library for YOU!!!

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2017 at 5:45 pm

I’m going to be the first “No Library” for you, EX-presidents. Lets blame in on the Obama sequester. The library’s for ex-presidents are fictional pat on the back BS. Now if the library’s were actually filled with the truth about these ex-presidents I might ok them- if these presidents put up the dollars to build them.

They must be named The Truth and nothing but the Truth-presidential library’s.

Here are some examples for the Presidential Truth Library’s.
The BJ Billy Clinton Library;
A huge cigar hangs over the entrance and upon entering all woman are given a Black Beret to wear during the visit. A special room will be available for any woman to rent a Blue Dress and have it machine stained and autographed by Billy Clinton.

There must be a replica Oral Office adjacent to the Oval Office. For a 100.00 contribution to the Benghazi Hillary for president 2016, you lucky Gals or Guys can engage in a simulated Billy Clinton- Monica Lewinsky, 5 minute phone sex feel good conversation. For another 5 dollars you can purchase a replica of the infamous Billy Clinton *Erect- Finger* he always points at “We the People”, when he is lying to us. A recording of I never had sex with that Woman will be playing in the cigar room 24 hrs. a day.

all entrance fees should be given to Rape Victims- call it the Juanita Broderick– He did have forced sex– with me.

Presidential Library’s- truth be told or end this Fell Good Baloney.

Should I continue my truth be told, Presidential library Briefs?? Barrack Hussein Library next…..